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Hello there, this is Florrie!
You probably know me from Florrie's Garden or Listography.
Here you can leave me a note and tell me about yourself.
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5:22am 27-04-2024

Where can I find you?

Hello Florrie,
Thank you so much for your lovely words on my website TheLiverpudlianBardot. This honestly made me so happy :)
I just wanted you to know that I added your website to the link page of my other (& rather new) personal site, which I linked above.
7:22am 25-04-2024

Where can I find you?

Hopefully nowhere and everywhere, eventually
Small things small things small things! Curiosity about everything around you! This wonderful tender interconnectedness! Paying attention! (In so many words, too.) :D
I've been worried lately about loving the people that love the world like I ostensibly do instead of loving the world itself, directly. But you are all part of the world, aren't you? And it's beautiful beautiful beautiful, isn't it? And if there are people that also see that (there are, of course, there are people that everything) while looking at entirely different things from what I, for example, usually look at — well, then there's an extra facet in the crystal of all that, which is beautiful in itself.
I think, whatever you were trying to make with this place, you've probably succeeded — or are in the process of succeeding/having succeeded (there isn't a good word for that in English that I know of). This place does feel like a still point, you were right — I'm not thinking about it in terms of something still finding its shape, or being whittled and tinkered with, even though it does evolve and grow, or of the possibilities of it maybe alternately being one way or other. I'm thinking — yes, of course, that's Florrie's Garden! That's what it's like! It reminds me of the small square sheets of flower-patterned paper that I probably still have lying around somewhere, and of a novel the story of which is so perfectly laid out that I don't want to rewrite it even if it's also tragic, but without the tragedy, of course. And of a quiet cathedral outside time.
A thing I love: the sound that trains make when they go right past, and the wind in your hair, if you have hair, and the sudden silence afterwards as the world starts up for you again.
I also saw — you know how graffiti in public spaces gets painted over with rectangles of colourful paint, of a different hue every time? On one wall in one city there's a place where people have either painted around such rectangles, or else manipulated the overpainters (like in that story where a person caused a neglected house façade to be finally painted red) — so that the bricks of that wall all looked different from each other and made a harmonious sort of texture, like candy. I would probably have liked the not-painted-over version more (there's a person with a tag like a bright flower lying on something whose work I see around whenever I come to another one town), but it's like the dandelions that grow in pavement cracks, right? People wrangling things and making something better out of them. That's also nice.
I wonder if you know about the poems (by various authors) published by Tealight Press (formerly at tealightpress dot com). The website either has disappeared recently or else the domain name has just expired and I can't find it anymore, but there's quite a few things from it saved in the Wayback Machine. And they're brilliant-wonderful! They've got early-evening summer rain in them, which is a surprisingly rare quality.
May your steps be lucky and careful the next time you go somewhere, and may you notice something interesting along the way. :)
4:27am 18-04-2024

Where can I find you?

florrie ??!! Hi!! this is petra from listography! i just randomly stumbled across your website when i joined the "women of the internet" webring and was like "!". i've actually visited before when i saw the link on your listography profile -- such a nice coincidence to find it again. it's lovely, btw. your aesthetic is so nice (and consistent!) . hope you have a nice day <3
Replied on: 10:07am 22-04-2024

Hello again, Petra!

We really are putting the small in The Small Web, aren’t we? Bahaha. I love it. I just had a chance to explore around your site for a bit and I am just charmed. It’s wonderful how your personality transcends through it. I always appreciate reading your updates on Listography, but it is a completely new experience to see you in a space that is entirely yours, and you made it so delicate and welcoming, so it suits you perfectly. I adore that you dedicated a page to your cats. Your Felix and my own Alice are basically twins. I feel like they would be lovely girl-cat friends.

I will add a link to your site to my neighbours page, so I can pay you a visit every now and then. May you continue prospering on these little corners of the web, and I hope our paths keep crossing often! πŸ’πŸŒΏ

10:59pm 12-03-2024

Where can I find you?

Hello Florrie,
I came across your website when I first started mine a couple of month ago but unfortunately didn't bookmark it. Last night, by happenstance, I found it again and I'm so pleased!
Your design is beautiful and the soft colours match your flowery language and kind-hearted way of words perfectly.
Replied on: 10:04am 22-04-2024

Hi Fritzi.

I’m overjoyed that you decided to stop by and leave a message, because it allowed me to discover your wonderful site. I am genuinely obsessed with the way you organised and put everything together. I, myself, have attempted to compose a couple projects like yours, and failed miserably every time due to my underestimating of how much effort and research goes into every image and paragraph, so allow me to take this opportunity to give you the kudos you very much deserve.

I hope you don’t mind if I add a link to your website to my own page, so I may revisit it whenever I am in need of inspiration — there’s plenty to be found in every corner of your place! 🌼🌿

2:49am 02-03-2024

Where can I find you?

greetings, thank you for leaving your thoughts on my website koilwood, such sweet things you have said. i'm happy to have connected with another interesting person. I looked around your site as well and it's quite nice and very nicely put together, I will probably add your button to my website soon, maybe you would think of adding my link? thank you very kindly-

Replied on: 10:01am 22-04-2024

Hello, Koil!
I’d like to begin apologising for taking so long to write you an answer. Life gets frenziedly busy sometimes. Secondly, I want to thank you for visiting my little site and for having such nice things to say about it. It means a lot, especially when it’s coming from someone with such an artistic eye like yourself. I will definitely be adding a link to your website on my page, and revisiting it to read your journal entries often — they are easily my favourite corner of your place.

I hope this spring has been treating you kindly and your projects are progressing well. πŸͺ»πŸŒΏ

4:33am 23-02-2024

Where can I find you?

hi florrie! i wanted to thank you for your visit to my site and the kind words that you left in my guestbook. i was having a rough day when i received your message and it cheered me right up and it started being amazing after that! your website is so beautiful and soothing, you have cultivated such a lovely garden on the worldwide web and i'm really happy that i am able to drift about and enjoy everything. will definitely be adding your button to my site, too! :D
Replied on: 11:50am 26-02-2024

Hey again, Jamie!

You're most welcome, and I extend my gratitude to you for taking the time to visit my little garden and for leaving such kind words behind. It brings a genuine smile to my face knowing that it left a positive impression on you, but it's even more heartening to hear that I could bring a little brightness to your day.

I don’t think my words can do justice to how serene and refreshing your website feels. I've revisited it since and discovered new favorite spots, particularly the Animal Crossing shrine. Do you still have Elvis in your island? He was the very first villager that moved into my first town when I played Wild World as a little girl, so he lives in such a special place in my heart. It made me happy to think about him in your island, thriving. Bahaha! I hadn't considered adding shrines to my site before, but yours are just so beautifully inspiring that they made me contemplate it...

Oh, and thank you for adding my button too! That’s very kind of you. I’ll be sure to add a link to yours on my “neighbours” section. Hope your days are graced with gentle breezes and moments of tranquility. πŸͺΈπŸŒΏ

5:00pm 21-02-2024

Where can I find you?

What a gloriously soft, beautiful website! I can almost physically smell the gentle floral scent of it (hooray for synæsthesia? heheh) and it's soothing to just browse through all the pages. Well done, Florrie! (Also, in your disliked things list, seeing "The absence of curiosity in a world filled with adventures." made my heart skip a beat; I relate to that so much!) ♥
Replied on: 4:53pm 22-02-2024

Dear Rin,

Your sweet words truly warm the heart, thank you! The idea of a gentle floral scent radiating from the screen is so delightful that I childishly visited my own site trying to experience it myself, bahaha! When choosing a scent for Aromatic I found myself torn between hyacynth blossoms and a bowl of fresh blueberries. Ultimately, I opted for the floral notes and ― although I am aware that synæsthesia is mostly subjective ― I now feel like I have made the wiser decision.

Oh! And I'm glad that you resonated with that particular sentiment in my list. This tendency towards settling without curiosity seems to be a growing trend across generations. As someone who has always had an insatiable curiosity about the world, it makes me happy to find a kindred spirit. In this deer-like world, us curious cats must stick together, bahaha.

I hope you’ve been having a lovely year.
And may our paths intersect again soon! 🌸🌿

6:28am 20-02-2024

Where can I find you?

florrie, i absolutely remember you and your website! i'm so thrilled to see how things have come along here, and everything looks absolutely gorgeous. you are inspiring! what a calm, pleasurable moment in time to just enjoy your website and everything you have to offer. thank you so, so much for your kind guestbook message. that is so nice of you to say, but you did all the hard work, and wow, did it pay off! i can't wait to continue seeing how your site continues to grow. your writing is incredible. i loved reading your journal entries, and i love the way you invoke such wonderful language about some things some folks consider "mundane"! i hope you are doing great, and i'm so glad i was able to make an impression on you—i'm so glad you stuck with it. i'll keep checking back! ^~^ have a great rest of your day!!
Replied on: 4:51pm 22-02-2024

Hi Alexandra,

Once again you have brought a ray of sunshine into my day! How lovely of you to even remember me in this tiny corner of the internet and to grace it with your presence once more. I must say, it has definitely been rewarding to have a hobby where I can feel like I am creating something with my hands, even if it’s just planting virtual flowers and cultivating lines of text. It helped me get in touch with a creative spirit that had been dormant. That is why I will always give you the credit for being the inspiration that you were.

It's funny how life has a way of weaving things together. Keeping a personal journal and learning how to be comfortable sharing my writing to other people again were two goals that I had on my aspirations list for a while. So maybe everything was meant to come together after all. Still, I thank you for always having nothing but kind words to say. It is much needed fuel to a shy little flame.

Hope to cross paths with you again soon.
Until then, may your days be filled with much joy! πŸ’πŸŒΏ

1:13pm 19-02-2024

Where can I find you?

Dear Florrie, visiting your little garden was a pleasure and I am enchanted by the calming atmosphere and the way you write β™‘ I hope your year is going well so far and you can enjoy some peaceful moment to contemplate the world and its many wonders. Take care β™‘
Replied on: 4:48pm 22-02-2024

Hello Sue!

I am truly touched by your kind words and I'm thrilled to know that you found a moment of enchantment in my little garden of words, especially considering I feel equally captivated by yours! The manor concept is simply ingenious, and I can not wait to drop by for an afternoon tea every now and then.

As for my year, it's been quite lovely thus far — thank you for asking! Things have been getting increasingly busy, but I am always trying to seize every opportunity to pause and bear witness to the quiet things around me. I hope you are doing the same, and I hope your life is filled with wonders for you to take notice of.

Until we meet again, take tender care! πŸͺ»πŸŒΏ

2:54pm 17-02-2024

Where can I find you?

hi florrie! thank you so much for the kind message. i've been checking out your site and gosh i am in awe! it's so pretty and calming. it's very fitting that you listen to ghibli music!
Replied on: 4:45pm 22-02-2024

Hey Clover,

You're most welcome! And I thank you for taking a bit of your time to visit to my little corner of the web. I'm glad you found the site relaxing too. I created it because I wanted to have a space for myself where I could take a little break from the rush of the world, so your words reassure me that it's serving its purpose well, bahaha!

And yes, isn’t Studio Ghibli music wonderful? I feel like the beauty transcends even beyond the films because the songs feel like they are their own little adventures. Sometimes I’ll have a bit of Kiki’s Delivery Service playing in my headphones while I wander the city for mundane tasks, and it makes the simple activities seem much more meaningful.

Oh, before I forget. A heartfelt thank you for adding my button to your website! I noticed that the borders it had didn’t suit your pastel-coloured layout and it inspired me to create a new one! You now you have the option to update yours, if you wish to — it's all about sharing and enhancing each other's spaces.

I hope you are having a wonderful week! 🌷🌿

10:26am 14-02-2024

Where can I find you?

Hi, Florrie! Many thanks for your visit :) Your website is a delight, it makes me feel so warm and peaceful. I will be sure to come back often and read it slowly. Take care, and have a wonderful day β™‘
Replied on: 4:42pm 22-02-2024

Hi Silvia,

Thank you for stopping by! Your kind words are always warm like a sunbeam on a chilly morning. I'm thrilled to hear that the garden brought you a brief moment of peace and joy. Your presence is always welcome, and I look forward to your returns.

I also want to thank you for being the first person to add my button to their site! It made me so happy. I have also added a link to yours on my “Neighbours of the garden” section. I hope that you are having a month filled with simple wonders and gentle breezes.

Take tender care and see you soon! 🌼🌿

11:25am 05-02-2024
Yours, truly.

Where can I find you?

Hello, you. It's Florrie. Welcome to my new Guestbook page.
Unfortunately, the previous one got overtaken by spam, so I am starting anew.
Thank you very much for visiting & I hope you are having a wonderful day. β™‘